Learn from industry experts with our Hands-on Masterclass, On-Demand training and E-book courses.

Open to beginners or experienced stylists, our best-selling courses provide you with the knowledge and qualification required to become a professional hair extension stylist.


Each year we help hundreds of students achieve their dreams.

Dreaming of increasing your income and starting your own business?

Take a look at some students who thanks to our masterclasses have achieved those dreams.


Our masterclasses specialise in six of the most popular and highly sought after application methods: Micro Rings, Tape-Ins, Flat-Tips, Braidless Weft and Hair Loss.


Ayanda Soares, international trainer and leading UK extension stylist specialises in over 9 different methods of extension application.

Ayanda began her business over 15 years ago, developing her brand from a team of 1 to 12 highly skilled sylists.

She has created a six-figure business and wants to help you do the same.

1-2-1 Training days

You're invited to join House of Hair UK for an exclusive opportunity to learn from industry expert and award-winning stylist Ayanda Soares.

Ayanda is the founder of House of Hair UK, a six-figure business woman and industry expert who has successfully developed her brand from a team of 1 to 12 highly skilled stylists.

At House of Hair UK we're not ones to gatekeep—we want you to succeed! Which is why we've developed our 1-2-1 training academy, providing stylists with the direct skills for success.

Each virtual training day teaches students two popular application methods that have provided hundreds of students with the practical qualifications required to become a hair extension stylist.

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London Hands-On Masterclass - Friday 31st March
London Hands-On Masterclass - Friday 31st March
London Hands-On Masterclass - Friday 31st March

London Hands-On Masterclass - Friday 31st March

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An opportunity to train with London's leading hair extension technician; Ayanda Soares. 

Ayanda is the founder of House of Hair UK. As a six-figure business woman and industry expert, she has successfully developed her brand from a team of 1 to 12 highly skilled stylists. 

At House of Hair UK we're not ones to gatekeep, we want to see you succeed! Which is why we've developed our Masterclass academy; providing trainee stylists with a small group environment for skill development. Masterclasses are limited to 15 students per class. 


Single Strand Methods

  • Flat Strands
  • Micro Rings

Wefted Methods

  • Braidless Weft (LA Weave)
  • Invisible Flat Weft


Your day will include:  

Theoretical training (20%)

  • Specialist knowledge on the application of your chosen method
  • Client onboarding process
  • Health and Safety training
  • Client aftercare education 
  • Client retention techniques 

Practical training (70%)

  • Colour matching process
  • Selecting the correct hair for your client
  • Extension maintenance
  • Client aftercare
  • Removal of extensions
  • Preparation and styling
  • Blending

Each course member will receive a professional training kit (worth £119+)

Business planning (10%)

  • Course members will receive an Ayanda Means Business costing planner
  • Guidance on your business model 
  • Competitor analysis and business plan analysis
  • Details of trusted suppliers
  • Marketing guidance 


What will you receive?

Completion of this course awards you with the certification and ability to be a fully qualified hair extension stylist (in your two chosen methods of application). Course members who have completed our course have gone on to earn £1,000 + per week, crediting House of Hair UK as the source of their success. 


Booking requires a 50% deposit. Once booked you will receive an invoice for the remainder of your booking balance. 


Included in your course price you will receive a professional kit, featuring the essential tools for your chosen method.

Each kit contains over 15 industry graded tools for the highest quality application.


Our courses provide you with extensive teachings on the theoretical and practical application of extensions.

Taught by industry experts with years of practical experience within London's top salons.


After doing a lot of research into courses I found House of Hair UK. I could not recommend their masterclasses enough! My course was well thought out, easy to follow and learn from.

Ayanda was so knowledgeable! She made everyone feel relaxed and able to ask for additional guidance.

I left my course feeling so excited for my future! Within 2 weeks of completing the masterclass I already had 4 clients!

Thank you House of Hair UK x


Reading, UK


Students are provided with the opportunity to further develop their practical and applied knowledge at our House of Hair UK salon.

Students are required to complete a hands on masterclass before booking a work experince day.


Unlike most courses, our masterclasses provide a support network for likeminded extensionists.

Whether you're developing your existing skills or launching your own brand, the HOH community offers ongoing support in the form of:

Stylist meet-ups

A friendly Whatsapp group chat

Ongoing training manuals


Our courses are designed to equip you with success in every aspect of your business. We care about your journey as an entrepreneur, which is why we have curated a best-selling business planner.

Our students receive an exclusive 70% discount on their planner when they book onto a masterclass!


Following completion of our fully accredited hair extension training course you will become a certified extensionist.

Course members will be awarded with a fully accredited diploma, allowing you to immediately gain insurance and treat clients.