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Business E-Planner (by @zandelasecka)

£19.99 £9.99

E-Book/Planner (This is a PDF document NOT A HARD BACK BOOK)

For your business idea. This work book can be used for a new business, re branding or launch of a new product or service.


To start writing down all the answers to the questions in your head and the questions that will lay the foundation for your business success.

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NOT REFUNDABLE PRODUCT (Once purchased an email will be sent with the PDF planner attached)

This E-Book is a tool to be used at the beginning stages of your business. The idea of creating a business plan is often daunting, scary and can often delay your progress, but a business plan does not need to be a lengthy 50-page document. I like to think of this planner as your first business plan that will allow you to get your idea out of your head and onto paper.
This plan will help you get clear about your future business goals.
The best way to get started is to first look at where you are now and where you want to be one year, two years and five years from now.
Please answer the questions below about your current business. If you do not currently have a business, please write your business idea that you want to develop.


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