Have you suffered from hair loss caused by any of the following treatments or medical conditions such as: Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Female Pattern Baldness, Trichotillomania or Hair Thinning or Menopause – you are not alone! There are an estimated 8 millions women suffering from hair loss in the UK. Many of these seek a new alternative to the standard uncomfortable wigs on offer that are easy to fit, adaptable to change in lifestyle and look good. We have been working hard at House of Hair UK to devise a most natural looking, durable and bespoke hair enhancement system for women across the UK and believe the House of Hair UK hair Enhance System is the best solution for most types of hair loss helping you to feel more confident, content and attractive.

House of Hair UK are proud to have been assisting women in managing hair loss and the hair transformation journey for over 5 years offering a variety of hair replacement and integration systems to cater to all hair types as a suitable alternative to wearing wigs.

Installed by sectioning your natural hair from ear to ear using small microbeads we create a braid-like track linking to your natural hair securely, stitching the wefted hair extensions onto the beads to secure


Our hair loss specialist Laura has over 18 years experience in the hair industry and the last 10 years working across 2 of London’s leading hair loss consultancies. She is an expert in hair replacement systems and is passionate about helping women to restore and rebuild their confidence.



Please book a private consultation with our hair specialist Laura on a Wednesday or Friday. Once booked in, Laura will discuss your hair needs and concerns, providing her expert opinion on what the best type of system is suited to your hair and lifestyle.

Before leaving the consultation, Laura will provide you with a personalised pricing plan, explaining:

- Initial appointment includes making your customised hair integration system
- Scheduling your adjustment appointment
- Scheduling your realignment appointment (in order to remove, wash and refit your system)